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Hello Hareesh,

The only option I see, is to create a subscription in the Alerting Framework for Spotfire and set a threshold. 

Now, thresholds use an input variable, an operator and a threshold value to evaluate if the mail should be sent on the scheduled frequency or not. As the threshold value is hardcoded, this might get a bit tricky (or in need of manual input).

To have this set up in an automated way, you can set up a couple of calculated columns and do a comparison between the current and previous number of rows. If there are no changes to be found, you can set the threshold formula to something like this: <RowDifference> > 0. 

You can consider the attached dashboard as a starting point. It uses a combination of iron python script, javascript and data functions to calculate the difference between the previous and current number of rows. That way, you can use the <RowDifference> column, to base the threshold on, in the Subscription.

The idea is, that the javascript automatically triggers the iron python scripts upon loading (see also here). But you may need to set up a reference to JQuery (which is also covered in that same article). Another option, to load the iron python upon loading, can be found here.

Kind regards,



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