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Alerting Framework for Spotfire® 1.1.0

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The Alerting Framework for Spotfire® is an extension for Spotfire that allows you to leverage your existing Spotfire analysis files to receive Alerts. It provides seamless integration with Automation Services via an Alerting Task.

The following are a few features of the Alerting Framework:

  • Spotfire Analyst and Web Player UI for configuration of Alerts
  • Alerts triggered from a rules-based engine
  • Rules are based on Schedules and/or Data Thresholds
  • Utilizes existing Spotfire® analyses
  • End-user subscription to Alerts
  • Distribution of Alerts by email including PDF attachments

More details about the Alerting Framework for Spotfire® can be found in this article.

Release 1.1.0

Published: June 2024

The build date is June 6th 2024.

Changes to previous release:

Fixed: Multiple data tables in Analysis File caused difficulties selecting
       the correct data table to export across difference Alerts.

Fixed: Alerting.log file would sometime be written in the Tomcat bin folder
       instead of the logs folder.

Fixed: Special characters in Page and Visualization names resulted in a Job
       XML file on disk that could not subsequently be loaded into Spotfire
       Analyst for debugging.  This had no impact on running the Job in
       Spotfire Automation Services to process Alert Rules.

Fixed: When running the Alerting Server in a standalone Tomcat Server, Alerts
       would silently fail to be sent if the Spotfire Server was not running.

Fixed: Use All Rules checkbox appeared twice on the Alert Details page.

Fixed: Searching for Spotfire Users would sometimes fail to return any results

Fixed: Alerting Server would fail to start on Linux when Spotfire Server was
       running as a service

New:   PostgreSQL can now be used for the Alerting Database.

New:   The Alerting Server status page is now also available as an easier to read
       HTML page.  There are no changes to the existing JSON status page.

New:   The Filter tab on Alerts allows the application of Spotfire Filter settings
       prior to running the Alert Rules process.

New:   The Filter tab on Alerts allows the application of a Bookmark prior to
       running the Alert Rules process.

New:   The Filter tab on Alerts allows the execution of an IronPython script
       prior to running the Alert Rules process.

New:   The launching of Automation Services jobs is now asynchronous meaning
       that long running jobs do not tie up Alerting Server resources.  Jobs
       are entered into the RunLog table with status Queued or InProgress
       and their status is checked and updated by a background process every
       5 minutes.  Jobs that fail are not restarted.

New:   The RunLog table can now be pruned on a regular basis to remove
       entries more than a certain number of days old.  The number of
       days of entries to keep is configurable along with the option to
       include or exclude failed entries in the prune operation.

Changed: The modifications to setenv.bat / setenv.sh required in the previous
         release are no longer required.  There is no harm in leaving them in
         place, but they are no longer used.
Changed: The status page now shows the full Tomcat install folder instead of
         the Spotfire Version.         

Changed: Manage Alerts panel now checks Spotfire Server status before calling
         any API methods

Release 1.0.0

Published: March 2024

Initial Release


  • Attached zip file contains version 1.0.0 of the Alerting Framework for Spotfire®

The build date is February 28th 2024.


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