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Export Crosstab to CSV


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Is it possible to export a crosstab visualization to CSV? When I try to export a crosstab viz, the only option I get to export is tab delimited. If I try to export a table viz, I get a whole host of options including CSV and XSLX.

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On 2/28/2024 at 2:57 AM, David Boot-Olazabal said:

Hello Diablo908,

In the latest Spotfire version, you can export a crosstable as an .xlsx file.

If you need to export a crosstable as a .csv file, you can use IronPython (explained in the article below) to accomplish that: 

Kind regards,


Hi David, 

Is there an IronPython script to export a Cross Table Visual to .xlsx format. I can export it to .xls or .csv, but unfortunately not able to export to .xlsx via IronPython. Wondering if its a limitation. Thx

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Hi Neeta,

You may want to have a look at these solutions, depending on where the export functionality is needed (from Analyst, from web or both).

Note that you probably need to tweak the iron python code, as you need to reference a crosstable visualization.


Furthermore, as referenced in the below topic as well, there are lots of iron python code snippets that provide input for export functionality:

Kind regards,


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