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Data Reader for Spotfire Statistica® Enterprise using Spotfire® 1.0.0

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This set of data functions enable you to open quickly and easily any dataset or workspace result from Statistica Enterprise metarepository in Spotfire.


Spotfire Statistica® server implementations have a shared server metarepository called Statistica Enterprise or shortly Enterprise. In that metarepository all the users can share their data configurations, analysis configurations, analytical workflows (called Workspaces) and many other objects. The larger the implementation and number of users the larger amount of objects is defined, maintained and shared there. And the larger is the potential for the functionality in this offering!


The purpose of this data function is to leverage and expose every dataset already defined in Statistica metarepository and make it easily and quickly available in Spotfire for any interactive analysis.


Main Capabilities

There are two main features included in this component:

  1. Possibility to get from Statistica Enterprise any Data Configuration.
  2. Possibility to get any result (even intermediate) from any Workspace (in Statistica Enterprise or on the disk).

These features are enabled leveraging the data function mechanism in Spotfire. How to enable Statistica data functions and what is data function you can find here.



This data function is special compared to typical Statistica data function. There are several assumptions for leveraging this component.

  1. You need to have Statistica Server installation with defined Statistica Enterprise objects, otherwise these features will have nothing to bring back from Statistica.
  2. You need to have Spotfire installation enabled with extensions for running Statistica data functions (Statistica data functions can be run from Spotfire Analyst as well as from the Spotfire on the web). More details can be found here.
  3. In order to call anything from Statistica Enterprise metarepository, you need to be connected with Enterprise through Statistica client on the same machine as Spotfire Analyst or you need to have Statistica servis enabled on Spotfire Server and be properly connected with Enterprise repository.


If you are interested in building the Statistica data functions, please find additional enablement and examples here

 Release 1.0.0

Published: February 2023

Release includes the data functions for accessing any Data Configuration and any Workspace result from Statistica Enterprise The documentation and the dashboard applications leveraging these features are included as well.

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