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Monitoring and Alerting with Spotfire Statistica® using Spotfire® 1.0.0

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Leverage a copy of all MAS Statistica dashboards in Spotfire®.


One of the Spotfire Statistica® server components is Monitoring and Alerting Server (MAS). MAS is dedicated to run scheduled tasks and in case of an alert, it will notify the user (e.g. via email). Tasks are typically arranged in separate dashboards with red/green/yellow tiles.


The purpose of this component is to expose all MAS dashboards from MAS Server to TIBCO Spotfire®. 

Main Capabilities The data function in this component will retrieve the status of all MAS dashboards in your Statistica ecosystem. Result of the data function is in fact a snapshot of states of red/green/yellow tiles in all MAS dashboards.

Spotfire application in the release has visualizations predefined to get the same interactivity like with Statistica web MAS dashboards and even more - for example the Spotfire page with the summary for all MAS dashboards/alarms together. 




This data function is special compared to typical Statistica data function. There are several assumptions for leveraging this component.

  1. Statistica Server installation with Monitoring and Alerting server. 
  2. MAS dashboards already set up in the system to make analysis reasonable.
  3. Spotfire installation enabled with the extensions for running Statistica data functions. More details can be found here.
  4. In order to call anything from Statistica Enterprise metarepository, you need to have Spotfire Analyst or Spotfire web dashboards properly configured to see Statistica Enterprise meta repository.



If you are intersted in building the Statistica data functions, please find additional enablement and examples here

 Release 1.0.0

Published: March 2023

Release includes the data function for getting snapshot of all MAS dashboards running in Statistica Server and Spotfire application for reviewing and monitoring these dashboards.

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