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  • TIBCO Spotfire Support Newsletter - Spring 2023

    News on the latest releases, hotfixes, knowledge base articles, and technical tips for TIBCO Spotfire administrators and users who want to stay up-to-date on the latest Spotfire Support content.

    Upgrade to the Latest Product Releases

    TIBCO Spotfire version 12.3 was released on March 7, 2023, which is the latest Mainstream version.  A few highlights from the most recent version:
    • OAuth support for TIBCO Data Virtualization connector
    • More functionality available in Data Canvas
    • More functionality available in Data flyout
    • Execute data functions added to Automation Services
    For a full list of new features and changes in this new version, please see What?s new in Spotfire 12.3


    TIBCO Spotfire 12.0 is the latest LTS version. For more details on the difference between Long-Term Support and Mainstream release types, see Overview of TIBCO Spotfire Releases. Check out the

     on our YouTube channel.

    Please note the typical time interval for LTS releases has been moved to September every year (from June), as noted in KB article 000051496.


    TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services (TSSS) 12.2, TERR Service 1.14, and Python Service 1.14 were also released recently.  These releases contain the following changes:

    TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services (TSSS) 12.2

    • TSSS can now be installed in an Ubuntu environment
    • C# and Java APIs are deprecated
    • Multicast protocol for clustering deprecated
    • Third party software components upgraded
    TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R - Server Edition (TERR Service) 1.14
    • TERR Service can now be installed in an Ubuntu environment
    TIBCO Spotfire Service for Python 1.14
    • TIBCO Spotfire Service for Python can now be installed in an Ubuntu environment

    Highlight of recent system requirements changes

    • TIBCO Spotfire platform: All Spotfire Server components can be installed on Red Hat Linux
    • Computers running Spotfire clients (Analyst, Desktop, Web Player, Automation Services) must have .NET Framework 4.8 installed
    For a complete list of all system requirement changes in products and versions of interest to you, please see the System Requirements

    Highlight of recent deprecated, removed, and changed features

    • TIBCO Spotfire Server:  The drivers for Apache Spark SQL, MongoDB, and Apache Cassandra will no longer be distributed with the Spotfire program.  Subsequent upgrades to the program will actively remove these drivers from the program.  Deprecated since Spotfire 12.3.
    • TIBCO Spotfire Server: Microsoft has made changes to the default security settings in the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server.  The default settings now enable TLS encryption and require a valid certificate.
    Information about these important changes can be found in the Release Notes for Spotfire 12.3, in the ?Changes in Functionality? and ?Deprecated and Removed Features? sections:
    • Spotfire 12.3 Release Notes
    If upgrading from versions lower than 11.4, please note the additional important change documented earlier: 
    • TIBCO Spotfire Analyst: The jQuery 1.12.4 and jQuery UI 1.9.2 JavaScript libraries will not be distributed with future releases of TIBCO Spotfire®. Your use of these third party libraries, whether in this release, past releases, or future releases of TIBCO Spotfire, is at your own discretion, and is not supported or warranted by TIBCO. Please see Best Practices for Writing Custom JavaScript Code in Text Areas for additional information on using JavaScript code with Spotfire® products. Deprecated since Spotfire 11.4.0.
    For more information about these and other deprecated and removed features in all products and versions or interest to you, please read the individual release notes, available on the TIBCO Product documentation site (https://docs.tibco.com/products/tibco-spotfire/)

    Important Security Announcements

    November 2022:
    • TIBCO Spotfire Stored Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability

    All TIBCO security advisories can be accessed from the Security Advisories for TIBCO Products web page. 

    Recent Hotfixes and Service Packs 

    It is recommended to always keep your Spotfire environment up-to-date with the latest hotfixes.

    Hotfixes can be downloaded from the TIBCO Support Portal and are documented here: Overview of hotfixes for TIBCO Spotfire®. Once you have logged in to the Support Portal, the hotfixes can be found under the Downloads menu > Hotfixes. On the Hotfixes page, Spotfire-hotfixes can be found under "AvailableDownloads" > Spotfire

    The following hotfixes/service packs were released recently:

    ProductLTS VersionsMainstream Versions
    TIBCO Spotfire Clients (Analyst, Web Player (Consumer/Business Author) and Automation Services)TS_12.0.2 LTS HF-012: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 12.0.x (Released: Mar 14, 2023)
    TS_11.4.5 LTS HF-028: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 11.4.x (Released: Mar 14, 2023)
    TS_12.2.0 HF-003: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 12.2.x (Released: Feb 21, 2023)
    TS_11.8.0 HF-003: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 11.8.x (Released: June 17, 2022)


    The latest TIBCO Spotfire Server service packs can be downloaded from the TIBCO eDelivery site:
    ProductLTS VersionsMainstream Versions
    TIBCO Spotfire ServerTSS 12.0.3 LTS (Released: December 12, 2022)
    TSS 11.4.9 LTS (Released: November 15, 2022)
    TSS 12.3.0 (Released: March 9, 2023)
    TSS 11.8.1 (Released: April 3, 2022)

    Get Notified on Product Updates

    Learn how to subscribe to notifications, release announcements, hotfixes, knowledge articles, retirement notices, and more.

    Review End of Support Timelines 

    Review the end of support dates below and plan upgrades to supported versions, where you can benefit from security updates, defect fixes, and features available in the latest releases.  
    • On March 31, 2024, TIBCO is officially ending support for version 12.2 of the TIBCO Spotfire product family. During the next 12 months, Support will answer product questions, but no new defect corrections, in the form of hotfixes or service packs, will be provided for these versions. The latest LTS versions - 11.4 and 12.0 - are not affected by this announcement. 


      Refer to the following Knowledge Base article for more details:

      Support Policy (End of Support) for the TIBCO Spotfire 12.2 product family

    Refer to Knowledge Base article 000027258 for the end of support dates and end of extended support dates for all TIBCO Product versions.

    Tech Tips

    New Automation Services task to run data functions

    In the recent Spotfire 12.3 release, a new Automation Services task was added. The task is called Execute Data Function and it enables running and completing a data function before performing later tasks. For example, opening an analysis and running a data function, then when the data function execution has completed, export the data.

    This new task also enables chaining the execution and completion of multiple data functions in a predetermined sequence in an automated job. See Execute Data Function for more details.

    New data functions released on the TIBCO Community Exchange

    Find these and others at TIBCO Spotfire Data Functions. Follow on Twitter.
    • Spatial Join
    • Distance Matrix
    • Nearest Neighbors
    • Convert Lines to Points
    • Export to Shapefile
    • Fuzzy String Match
    • Linear/Spline Interpolation

    Top Support Knowledge Base Articles

    TIBCO Spotfire:

    • TIBCO Spotfire Web Player or Automation Services fails to start (.NET version)
    • How to move between Spotfire Cloud and On-Premise
    • Web Player becomes unavailable due to endpoint binding error
    • How to add custom loggers in TIBCO Spotfire Server
    • Login failed for domainname username with MSSQL driver
    • Android app not able to connect
    • Can Spotfire connect to my data source?


    Continued Education

    We recommend that new Spotfire customers use the Spotfire Customer Orientation Guide. This page is a guide for system admins, data architects, analysts, power users, and others, to get Spotfire software quickly set up. The page also includes a robust Enablement Hub.

    Our complete multi-part Spotfire 12 On-Demand Webinar Series featuring several new capabilities complete with dedicated demos of each can be found here.

    Keep track of the latest Spotfire Mods and Data Functions posted to the TIBCO Community Exchange.

    We also host Dr. Spotfire sessions, create Quick Tip YouTube videos, and post other great content on the Spotfire Customer Success LinkedIn group to help users with unique analytics challenges. Please subscribe and follow us on YouTube and LinkedIn to stay updated!

    Explore Customer Success Stories

    Read how jetBlue used TIBCO Spotfire to improve decision making and lead them to win a Trailblazer Award.

    JetBlue Soars with Connected Intelligence


    Read additional customer success stories. Do you have any examples you?d like to share about your use of Spotfire software?  Please submit your stories here

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