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    black_createAPIs.png.8c2146a3f37e106c03e2b60e23bfc811.png Introduction  

    What are Spotfire® Mods?

    Mods is a framework to extend Spotfire capabilities, in particular for creating custom visualizations that look and feel like native Spotfire charts. The ?mod? concept  (short for ?modification?) comes from the gaming community for the process of altering one or more aspects of a video game. In the Spotfire context, developers can create sophisticated visualizations that can be used like native visualizations with no code required by the user.  From the developers context, Mods is a self contained code running on a sandbox environment, which makes the Mod secure tu run in corporate environments. What can they do? Integrates with TIBCO Spotfire features such as marking, filtering, custom expressions.., work as native Spotfire components, easy to deploy and share.



    Why are Spotfire® Mods developed?

    • To enable customers, partners and 3rd party developers. 
    • To make analytics available for fit-for-purpose
    • Accelerate development and deployment and for the case of Spotfire Visualization Mods, to extend visualization options.

    Spotfire Visualization Mods Examples

    Here are some examples of Visualization Mods. These Mod example list were taken from the demo gallery and are available to download and use for free. Mods are constantly being developed so make sure you check these links often.



    Images from left top right:


    Mods in Action 

    Here is how they look on an actual dashboard and some of their use cases:

    radar_dash.thumb.png.810b2c95d48f45bcf2812128ed0e81db.png Rihanna_Sentiment_Analysis.thumb.png.401feabf91af2712726211fbe7386cd4.png  vehicle_dash.thumb.png.5edfd95aaaa4710da3b1580ec30cef72.png

    • On the first screenshot above, we can see the Retail Consumer Analytics dashboard displaying a radar chart visualization placed at the bottom right. It shows customers per month from a two year customer purchase data.
    • The next screenshot was taken from a dashboard that analyzes Rihanna Lyrics that is full of love, and Mods; a sunburst chart to show a hierarchy by album and song, a word cloud chart that displays the most common word for the song or album selected, a gauge chart that indicates the sentiment of the song from a positivity percentage and a text card mod that displays the selected songs lyrics.
    • Finally we have the Vehicle Loading and Delivery Logistics, which uses two Mod visualizations that displays the truck loading capacity for different stops to help identify and optimize maximum time and resources

    Download Mods

    You can download Spotfire Mods from the community exchange and used them for free. Most mods comes in a zip format, so unpack the file and use the *.mod file. Mods can be stored as a local files, embedded in the analysis or shared with others by saving them in the library. On the ?What Are Spotfire Mods? video I explain how to download and use them.

    Develop or modify existing Mods

    In order to develop new or modify existing mods, you will need basic  HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge and install free open source tools. There are great courses available on the internet. This Developer's Hub assumes you already have these skills. More on this on the Spotfire Mods Developer's Hub - Fundamentals section.

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