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    Debugging mods, API Compatibility, Mod readers, Data types. This content is based on your feedback. Please share, comment and subscribe!

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    This section is under construction. Many of this content is based from community feedback. At the moment we do not have enough feedback to cover and discover topics to come.

    Debugging mods

    Debugging can be performed using the Chrome Developers Tools if you are using the web browser and running the Spotfire Business Author by pressing F12. If you are using the client (Spotfire Analyst) then press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 or go to Tools > Developer > Developer Tools. If you do not see that option, enable it by going to Tools > Options > Application > Development > and tick the Show development menu checkbox.

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    Learn how to debug with this tool from the Chrome Developers Documentation

    API compatibility

    Depending on the Spotfire-version target audience for the correct API to use. Consider backward compatibility or LTE versions

    Mod Reader

    This section is also covered in the fundamentals section, but here we will deep dive into readers to monitor changes with more examples

    Data Types

    See also

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