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Writing into the database with JDBC Adapter in Streaming

Mehmed Aktas

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Hi folks,

I actively use the Streaming JDBC Adapter to retrieve the data into my Streaming Project. The query works in 5 sec intervals, my data in database increments so quickly.

I want to write into the database from my project, actually I want to get rid of the CSV output adapters and directly writing my query tables and other stuff into the DB.

Is there another adapter for writing into DB Should I just use an SQL statement for writing inside the JDBC Query

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Use any SQL DML statement in the SQL property of the JDBC Query operator.* Don't let the word query fool you. You can parameterize the evaluation of any valid StreamBase expression into the statement, too, by surrounding the StreamBase expression in curly braces such {input1.myInputField}.

There are a couple samples in available in StreamBase Studio via File > Import Samples or File > Import Samples and Community Content, depending on the version of StreamBase/Streaming you have. Just search for JDBC, import and import the samples. There are a couple of INSERT statement examples such as:


INSERT INTO OrderBook VALUES ({QuoteID}, {Symbol}, {Side}, {Price}, {OrderSize}, {ArrivalTime}, {SeqNum})

in the JDBCQuery.sbapp file there.

Writing to a Database is not usually the fastest possible thing you can do, and is usually slower than writing to a CSV file, so keep an eye on things if you go this route.


*Some but not all DDL will work, and may or may not be explicitly supported, but that's another discussion. Capabilities will tend to vary a bit at the edges with each JDBC driver, but that's not a behavior that's specifiic to StreamBase.

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