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Merge two sets of Columns in to one

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Hello I have two sets of data, basically like this

Time-1 | DATA-1 and Time-2 | DATA-2

I want to transform these two columns in to one like



Time-ALL is basically the combination of Time-1 and Time-2 tracking the DATA rows.

I need to do this so I can plot the two data on one line chart with Time-ALL on the x-axis.


Thank You

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So you just need to define the relationship between the 2 data tables so that Spotfire knows how to join them.


Your example data is a bit unclear with respect to exactly how Time-ALL combines Time-1 and Time2. And how is the data related. Is it just a row number matching If you can clarify that, then it should be very clear how to implement this in Spotfire.

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The Time series are different, one is in months and the other is in days the only way to join them is to actually copy and paste one at the end of the other data so they are one column. There is no common data between these two time series. But I have lots of these data. How do I plot these two data on one chart

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If the Time columns do not match ... and the two tables match by rows ... then just add a transformation to include a new colum defined by rowid() into each of the data sets.. You can then Insert the Data-2 column from the 2nd data set into the first data set by matching on this new column.
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