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How do I remove a service from Spotfire 7.5 when it is stuck at "installing" status

Mark Roy

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I've installed a Spotfire 7.5 server and added a node with WebPlayer and Automation Services services, however one of the AS services is stuck in the "Installing service" state. I am unable to delete or edit the service, I can only Rename it.

Any ideas to get rid of it

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Hi Mark,

I had this very same issue, yes 4 years later. Spotfire Version 10.7

I see that nobody responded to you and I too struggled to get this removed. I could not find any real assistance/guidance on the community.

I hope this helps someone else going forward

I eventually did get this removed, there are two options from what I saw:


1> CMD


*Ididn't have much luck with this



I simply removed the node from the spotfire_server database on the MSSQL instance. You will need to attain your Node's ID first then run the below script.

DELETE FROM [spotfire_server].[dbo].[NODE_SERVICES]


Once this was deleted, it took a few minutes and thereafter this Node was removed for me and the relevant updates of this node's deletion propogated through automatically by Spotfire.

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