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pivot_longer is missing from dplyr package in TERR

Adi Lavy

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I am trying to use the function pivot_longer from the dplyr package but I get an error saying that pivot_longer is not available.

Running on Spotfire 10.10 and TERR 5.1.0, 64 bit on Windows 10 within Parallels virtual machine.

I am using this command which works fine on RStudio with TERR engine:

df %>%

mutate_if(is.numeric,as.character, is.factor, as.character) %>%


cols = everything(),

names_to = c('Resource type', 'Input-Output', 'Resource', 'Property', '.value'),

values_to = "val",

values_ptypes = list(val = 'character'),

names_pattern = '(\w.+) \| (\w.+) \| (\w.+) \| (\w.+) \| (\w.+)')and this is the error:

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R returned an error The data function 'Bill of Materials expanded (11) (Bill of Materials expanded)' could not be executed.

Error in function_list[[k]](value) : could not find function "pivot_longer"


eval(script, envir = .GlobalEnv

eval(script, envir = .GlobalEnv)

withCallingHandlers({ df %>% mutate_if(is.numeric, as.character, is.factor, as.character) %>% pivot_longer(cols = everything(),


withVisible(eval(quote(`_fseq`(`_lhs`)), env, env))

val(quote(`_fseq`(`_lhs`)), env, env)

eval(quote(`_fseq`(`_lhs`)), env, env)


freduce(value, `_function_list`)



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