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How to embed Summary information from table into text area

Sarah Siewood

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Good Afternoon,

I am trying to replicate a text area look that I saw in one of your youtube videos -Using Images in Spotfire Chart Labels and Tables. I like the simplicity of the information displayed underneath the Rental and Host categories. I work in oil and gas and I'm building a dashboard where I'd like to click on a field, well, etc, on a map and have some key summary information pop up in the text area like you have on your Air bnb dashboard in this video. I am trying to build a dashboard that has the look of a summary report, and thus I'm trying to avoid tables and to keep it as clean as possible for future exportable reports.

I've been playing with the property controls and dynamic controls but cannot figure out how to add a value (not an aggregation) from a table uploaded. I am relatively new to spotifre so if there is a video that already covers how you made this text area please send it my way!

Example of type of info I want to display in text area:

Field: Thunder Horse

Operator: BP

Age of Reservoir: Miocene

Produces: Oil and gas

thanks for the help,


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