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Map Layer versus Shapefile

Katie Sikorski

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In Spotfire the Map Layer says it has to be in EPSG:3857. I added a Land shapefile and it is in NAD83 and it will not show on the map and if I project it to EPSG:3857 I can't see it does anyone know how to correct this I understand the Map layer has to be WGS84 but how do I get NAD 83 shapefiles to show up in the correct location on a map
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Thank you but I tried this already.  I can get the layers on here all of them as NAD83 just can not use the Map Layer with them it puts a Texas Outline in the Ocean no matter how I project it I am going to have to see if I can find a NAD83 Map layer that will work as NAD83 does not seem to play well with WGS84.  I even tried to reproject it in Arc and it still does not project it where I can use the Map Layer with the data.
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