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Franois vette

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in a text area i have donethis :






















3 input field linked to a property, and one button :


when i click on the button, i want to open an URL build whith the 3 imput field (or corresponding property)

python script don't work in web, so i tried javascript :

function wsButtonClick(){

//rcupre les donnes des trois labels spotfire

//var mpn = document.getElementById('#105c5c3f0b3a469c9dbf4f8af679288a').value;

var mpn = $("#105c5c3f0b3a469c9dbf4f8af679288a").text;

var msn = $("#992d97432ba1447c87907845d2e7c330").text;

var cde = $("#af1e92f344304368ad0d3688922d2990").text;

var link ="https://rct.XXX.XX/cream/pn/" + mpn + "/sn/" + msn + "/ncmd/" + cde


window.open(link, 'Work Shop Report' );



i tried many way to get input field content, but each time var mpn, msn and cde areempty or egal to undefine.

do you know how to get the spotfire input field content with java script (or the property content)

i saw "function getDocumentProperty(propertyName, callback);" but i dont kow what is callback (i'am beginner with java in spot)

is there a other way to do this

Thank you


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