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How can I build an expression to find several instances

Carolina Rivera

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Hi everyone,

I currently have a data set in Spotfire that contains the same instances for various values. For example: I have 3 values (Blue Process End Time, Red Process End Time, Green Process End Time), but I would like to add a statement to my expression that can find all values containing "Process End Time". The expression I currently have accounts for other rows, but they are accounted for using an IF OR statement:

IF(([function_name]="Final Process End Time") OR ([function_name]="Process End Date"), [date_local],null)


Thanks in advance,

Carolina Rivera

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You can use the FIND function. It will return an integer value of the position of a given string. It is case sensitive, be careful. So here's an example from Spotfire help:

Find("el", "Hello") 0, TRUE, FALSE)

Maybe there is also the possibility to word with a regular expression. But I get along with the FIND function pretty well.

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