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Python sbdf.export_data is not compatible with geopandas 0.7.0 and later

Brian Emmerson

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The python utility sbdf.export-data is not compatible with geopandas 0.7.0.and later

Perhttps://geopandas.org/changelog.htmlfor version 0.7.0:

The important API change of this release is that GeoPandas now requires PROJ > 6 and pyproj > 2.2, and that the.crsattribute of a GeoSeries and GeoDataFrame no longer stores the CRS information as a proj4 string or dict, but as apyproj.CRSobject (#1101).

Works fine with geopandas 0.6.3: sbdf.export_data assumes the geopandas.GeoDataFrame.crs is a string; pyproj.CRS is not compatible with this assumption

1) is there a plan to update the python utilities that ship with Spotfire

2) is there a list of supported versions of libraries The requirements.txt only lists the bare bones requirements, and not libraries used when a more fulsome python environment is available

[spotfire 10.8, TIBCOSpotfire10.8.0ModulesCore_44.0.14430.3578pythonspotfire.zipspotfiresbdf.py]


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