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Spotfire working with Lists in IronPython


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I am trying to keep Tags when I reopen a Spotfire report. Since underlying data change everytime I open the report, I suppose that, even if I define a Key in the relevant data table, Tags are expected to get cleared, right

In order to keep them, I am trying a different solution, creating multiple Lists, each corresponding to a specific tag value.

Then I would like to use an IronPython script which:


Add marked rows to a specific list;

Selects all lists and then creates a tag collection, allowing me to use Tags within the analysis;

When I reopen the analysis, I need another piece of code before 1) which creates a tag collection starting from the existing lists.


Unfortunately I was not capable of finding any clue on the Spotfire API Reference about Lists and how to use them.

In particular I didn't find a way on how to replicate the following Spotfire UI functions:


"add marked rows to list"

"create tag collection"


Could you please help me with that


Kind regards,



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