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Spotfire 10.10: How to set the correct output column name in a python data function.

Sean Flaherty 2

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Running Spotfire 10.10 and working with the new python data functions. I have a rather simple script to calculate extra terrestrial radiation using pvlib:

from pvlib.irradiance import get_extra_radiation

from pvlib import tools

import pandas as pd

import numpy

dayofyear = timestamp.apply(lambda dt: dt.timetuple().tm_yday)

etrn = get_extra_radiation(dayofyear)

etr = (etrn * (tools.cosd(90 - solar_elevation)))


with column inputparameters, timestamp and solar_elevation, and outputingcolumn values, etrn and etr.

When I run this I get 2 new columns as expected but the values are "etrn" and "solar_elevation (2)" (because I already have a column named solar_elevation) and not the expected etrn and etr. Any idea why is the second column name not populating as "etr"

If I run these as seperate data functions, I get the correct output column name.

Thank you and kind regards,


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