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Can you not call data tables with JavaScript in a text area

Chad Holland

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I am trying to build out some custom views in a text area using data from a data table.I am attempting to access the dataTable object with javascript, but I am not seeing how to accomplish this. Note, I do not know how to use ironpython, and the syntax of ironpython is annoying. I am a javascript developer, so I would rather use JS if possible. Note, I already tried using the functions in this JS API document:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/tibco-spotfire-javascript-api-overview#toc-18.

Sorry if I sound a bit short in this, I have been searching for a solution to this all day, and there is just an endless amount of redirect or noinformation.

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You cannot unfortunately access the dataTable object from the text area using JavaScript. You would need to use IronPython script to do that and then use that script from the text area.


The JavaScript API that you are referring to is used for embedding Spotfire in a web page and accessing it that way, it is not applicable when using JavaScript in a text area.

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Hello, I am also interested in accessing a specific datum (in this case a string) from my data table and simply printing out to the text area. Could you please describe in general terms (no need for a detailed step-by-step) how one would use IronPython to accomplish this?

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