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Two data sets and two KPI's with one filter from main data set results in empty values for one of the KPI's. Please help me fix this

Robert Eaton

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I have two data sets with partially overlapping company name data on one visualization page showing two KPI's (one for each dataset) which highlight company approvals and corrective issues.I am using the larger data set with all company names as the main data set meaning I haveone filter on the page linked to this data which also filters the other data set. The issue is not all of the company names are in the second data set (corrective issues) because not all have corrective issues and because of this I have the KPI showing empty when I filter to a company that isn't in the second dataset.I am trying to have the program show 0 instead of empty without changing the underlying data. I have tried to change the formula in the y axis of the KPI as well as alteringshow hide items and have had no luck. Is this even doable since there is no data available for some of these companies for the correcitve issues data set and if it is how can I go about making it workI have tried the formulas below with no luck. I attached an excel spreadsheet showing an example. Thank you

Sum([Total CIs],SN([Total CIs],0))

Sum([Total CAs], If(Sum[Total CAs]Is Null(SN(0))))

SN([Column], 0)

BTW I probably could use show/hide items to remove the KPI if there is no data but I want to show 0 if that is the case and I don't want to add rows to the underlying data as it will create issues on another page.

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