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Opening, controlling, and closing Spotfire dashboards using external python script.

Quiana Stodder

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Hi all,

Essentially, I'm looking for a way to auto-refresh data without the use of Spotfire Server or TIBCO EMS. Occasionally, usersdo not have access to the data sources, so it's necessary to refresh these datasets while the dashboards are not being used. Is there a way to control a dashboard with an external source For example, it would be ideal for a python script to open, login, refresh the data, then save and close the dashboard. Is this possible

And to reiterate - I understand it is possible to setup an auto-refresh schedule via Spotfire Server or TIBCO EMS, but I wouldlike to pursue alternate methods.

If anyone has advice on this matter, or has an alternative idea, I would greatly appreciate it!

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If you are looking to create an external python script then probably you can do the following,

1. There are command line parameters that you can use to launch analyst client and open an analysis


2. In this analysis you can create a data function such that it will trigger an IronPython script upon opening


3. In the IronPython script you can referesh data tables and then exit the analyst client



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