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How to get path to a folder and then build the path to the files inside

Cameron Berns

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I want to prompt the user to select the folder where the data of interest is located. Next, I want to extract all the files that end in .csv inside each seperate folder and build the data table. Lastly, I need to open another layer of folders and match the .jpeg names to a column in the previously built data table. Right now I can append and add the data tables but basically need help on how to build the file path from a multiselct of folders instead of .csv files.
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ofd = OpenFileDialog()

ofd.Multiselect = Trueif ofd.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK:

    files = ofd.FileNames

    files = list(files)

    print files # NOTE: it stores the files paths

    for x in ofd.FileNames:



        nlogs.Add(Path.GetFileName(x)) # NOTE: the Sysytem.IO .NET API is needed here** Right now this will print the file paths but I need to know how to start in a folder and then use reg ex. to navigate into each folder and populate the data table with the embedded "....csv" file(s).

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