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KPI as a visual filter

Robert Eaton

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I have three KPI visualizations on a page critical, major, and minor. I want to be able to select each KPI category individually and see the data in the details on demand. I went into settings and actions and selected perform action on click but am unable to get only the underlying value data behind the KPI with any of the existing functions.Is there a way to click on the KPI similar to other visualizations where it filters the data and I can see the underlying data in details on demand If not is what is a good alternative visualization in place of the KPI I like the way it looks it just doesn't seem to be interactive.



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Thanks David the script brings up all of the data in the details on demand however I am looking to show just the particular subset of data from the individual KPI ie Major, Minor, or Critial issues. Is there a way to alter this script to do so BTW you can trigger details on demand without using a script simply by using actions, functions, view, details on demand.
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Hi Robert, did you also check this post https://spotfired.blogspot.com/2014/03/on-demand-data-without-using.html


Besides that, you should be able to use the input from the KPI. That would involve a data function though, that captures the marked value and store it into a document property. And that property you can use as input in the iron python script as filtervalue for the on demand request.


If the table does not refresh, you can add that in the script as well (see this example: https://datashoptalk.com/trigger-on-demand-queries-ironpython/)


Kind regards,



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