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Color By Custom Expression

Evan Roback

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I am trying to color a scatter plot in Spotfire based on a filtered heirarchy value so that the column by which the data is colored changes with different heirarchy toggle values. For example, when the heirarchy toggle is set to "By Reservoir & Well", I want the data in the scatter plot to be colored by the column "FORMATION". However, when I switch to "By Well" in the heirarchy toggle,I want the data to be colored by "FIELD", which is a different column in the same data table.

I have tried using custom expressions to set the color by column but haven't been able to make it work. Thank you for your help!



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I am not sure I understand where this hierarchy lives in the plot. I assumed it was the x column. If not, please upload an example of what you need.

You can try a workaround by defining a document property via e.g. a slider in a text area. This property (say it is called hlevel) is an integer which controls both your hierarchy level and your colour expression.

Initially your x axis would look like:


You swap 0 for ${level}:


Then you define the colour expression as:


It did not work for me if Formation and Field are not both categories, because the needed to be on the outside, maybe I have not tried all combinations. But that should be good to get you started.

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