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Is it possible to migrate the api users when doing server migration

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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My team is upgrading one of our environments from Spotfire10.0 to 10.8. As part of that, I have exported all of the Users (and user groups) from 10.0 using the Spotfire Analyst User export tool (Tools -> Administration Manager -> Export tab) with the "password hashes". That generated a txt file including our API user. However, after importing the users.txt file in our 10.8 environments, again, using the Analyst and searching through the users in the "Administration Manager" our API user was not in the list.


Is that a limitation of the Export/Import feature Is there a way to migrate API users or I have to register a new API user on the new 10.8 Spotfire server


The only reason why I would like to migrate the API users is that I don't have to change our mashup app code at all (i.e. to add the new API user secret).


Thank you in advance!

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