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How to adjust large number of columns in the spotfire to make it like a Tabular Report

Afsarr rr

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Hello Everybody ,


I am trying to prepare reports which consists of more than 40 columns in the data table.

If i decrease their font size then the report is not readable.

Please suggest if you have any ideas to adjust the columns in the spotfire and generate the pdf as tabular report.

Thanks in Advance.

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If you have numeric values in your table I suggest to change the number format (# of decimals, scientific...). You can do this under 'column properties' -> 'formatting'.

You can also change the table header and cell height to something >1. This will spread text inputs to multiple lines. Go to the data table properties -> 'appearance'

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It really depends on the data that you want to display...  Is a data table with 100 columns on one page really the right format to tell your story


You can change the column header to vertical style. Just left click on a header and chose this option. This will allow you to make quite narrow columns. But of course narrow columns will limit the text that can be displayed. 


What kind of values do you want to display How many rows does your table have Have you tried to summarize your data with a cross table Maybe you can share a screenshot of your table here to get a better understanding.

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