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How to define table name as parameter in Information Link and bind to document property

Weilong Lyu

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I want to define a linformation link to access different data tables on same datasource dynamically.

All these tables have same schema.

The datasource connect to TDV and then connect to our Elasticsearch server.

My information link is








At beginning, I set the parameter tableName to default type string and it always add a pair of single quate to the tableName which make the query failed.

Then I read this article:https://community.spotfire.com/questions/changing-db-using-property-control

I tried to set the tableName to Undefined type and I input the table name in the dialog then it queries successfully.

But when I tried to bind tableName to a document property, it says "Parameters with the data type 'Undefined' cannot be used for loading data on demand".

Is there anyway to make it work

The version of Spotfire server I use is 10.3.5

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