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How To Create Waterfall Chart and Spider Chart in the Spotfire

Rakshita Agrawal

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Neither waterfall nor spider chart available in Spotfire out of the box.


However, you can create waterfall with a bit of extra effort.Here is a video how to do it, it isn't english, but the steps are quite straightforward.https://www.youtube.com/watchv=buE8BBM-V8c


I made some waterfall, and it is a nightmare to maintain.Also, there are other downsides, e.g.: labels won't work as it should for such chart, as bar chart has not much label settings.


You also can try to recreate in scatter plot, where the label works fine, but it won't look as nice as with bar chart due to the width of "bars".




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Waterfall is now built-in, It's possible using JSViz to add Radar as well. I've built a set of visuals (including a radar chart) using JSViz and made them available here:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/simple-use-jsviz-visualisations-gaugedonut-network-radarspider-sankey-animation-word-cloud
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