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Can someone help on fixing a condition in my report

gurusai sankar

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Hi All,

I am creating a report which is realated to rescource timesheet updated time. i have the data like Week Ending On, Emp Id , Emp Name, Timsheet Last Updated , Clocked Hours

Week Ending on contains weeks data (thisdate ends with friday) . Resouce should update thier timesheets every week (friday) with in 9 PM EST , here i need to fix a condition called "Cut of date and Time ", As per this condition - who ever the resoucces are filling their timesheets with in friday 9 pm est as per selected week ending on filter,we should show their clocked hours else we need to show '0'. if they filled after that time we should not consider their clocked hours. Timesheet last updated columngives the whole information of time sheet upadted time.

Note: reasource can update thier timesheet on multiple days/times as per their free time in that selected week(but we should consider the final date which he filled, we should consider untillfriday of that selected week(friday with in 9 pm est )

below is the example what i am expecting: (as per my attached dxp)

case 1:

if we select 22-May'20 week ending on date in the filter- we should show clocked hours only theresources who filled their timesheets with in that selected week (friday with in 9 PM EST) else it should be " 0 " .

Case 2 : if we select multiple weeks in week ending on filter-we should show clocked hours only theresources who filled their timesheets with in that lastweek selected (29-May'20) (friday with in 9 PM EST) else it should be " 0 " .

PFA- attched sample dxp.

Please help on this.




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Hi Guru,

Please have a look at the attached dxp. I have used a list box property control instead of a filter.

With the document property, I have created a new calculated column (a simple one, just as a starter), called calculated hours, in which I have tied the outcome of the selected week ending (captured in the document property) to the actual week ending in the crosstab. Based on that, it shows a zero or the correct amount of hours.

Kind regards,


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Thanks David for your help. Sorry my explanation was not cleared. let me elabarate this


Acually My requirement is: 


1. Whenever we select a weekending on date (ex:22-May'20)  - we should show timesheet updated dates whatver within that selected week ending on date(<=22-May 20) and also consider the time before 9 pm (<=9 PM)  of 22 May 20), rest all dates we should exclude , sothat my  clocked hours will show only whatever the resources are updated their timesheeets within selected week ending on date (<=22-May'20 and <=9 Pm) . 


2. incase if we select multiple week ending on dates (22- May'20, 29-May'20)- we should consider untill 29-May'2020.


kindly let me know incase if need any additional information on this.


Thanks in Advance,





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