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Filters on axis of a scatter plot

Manu Lo

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I am relatively new to Spotfire and would really appreciate any help.

I have several data tables with several columns.

The goal is to generate a scatter plot and trying to use filters on both axis :

Axis Y shows revenue share for Product 1 (property control) i.e. apples

Axis X shows revenue share for Product 2 (property control) i.e. oranges

Then I want to display the correlation between the two products for all customers centers showing

This is the code I entered in a calculated column, but it doersn't work :

case when ([File 2].[Fruit_Products]) = "${Product1}" then Sum([File 2].[Revenue)])/Sum(Budget_File].[budget]) else Sum(0) end

Can someone please shed some light on that issue

Thanks everyone

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Hi manukkain,


Do you use multiple data sources as input for your scatter plot If so, how are these connected in your set up


Furthermore, if you think the statement is correct, but doesn't work, are you able to add the budget column to the Revenue data source This would give you more flexibility in achieving the desired outcome.


kind regards,



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