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Aggregation Function Not working in Voronoi Data Function

Stanley Little 2

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Im running the Voronoi Polygon Data Functions in its basic configuration and I can generate polygons immediately... but when I go to use the aggregation option on passthrough numeric variables I get the following error when trying to execute the Voronoi Polygon Data Functions with the Data Column and Aggregation Options toggled on....

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R returned an error

The data function '[TERR] Voronoi Aggregation' could not be executed.

Error in data.frame(tileID = IdLoop, Xcoordinate.center = kmeans_Xcoo : object 'DataColumnAgg' not found

eval(expr, envir, enclos)

eval(expr, envir, enclos)

data.frame(tileID = IdLoop, Xcoordinate.center = kmeans_Xcoordinate[idLoop],

Can anyone think of what the proble may be....

Im using Tibco Spotfire Desktop 10.6 Build version Build Date 10/10/2019

running TERR 5.0 locallyC:UserssblitAppDataLocalTIBCOSpotfire Desktop10.6.0ModulesTIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R_5.0.0.66engine

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