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Taking last value in custom expression

Artis Pagsanjan

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Im trying to build a simple pareto bar chart with soft_bin count. However, I need to take the last soft_bin from a duplicate record (of a column named DEVICE).

Just taking the soft_bin column as is (per attached image) produces inaccurate count as both before & after soft_bins are accounted; I just need the last (after) soft_bin.

Im trying to apply below expression for the bin but it is getting rejected:

Last[soft_bin] over [DEVICE]


Any suggestion how to implement such

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I tried to use below expression in the Y-axis (Fail Qty). No error but I am still getting a double count for the same device with 2 soft_bin. I just want to take the last soft_bin for duplicate device. Appreciate any inputs/suggestions how to overcome this.




count(Last([soft_bin]) OVER (Intersect([device],[rework_flag])))

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