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How do I change the public URLs of the Library & Web client

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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My team have created a new Spotfire 10.8 environment which consists of 2 Spotfire servers with 2 Web Player nodes each. I noticed that there was a problem with the public URL when I go to the WebPlayer -> open an analysis file and then go to File -> View library. I am being taken to localhost:



I did a bit of digging and I found that in Spotfire Analyst (File -> Document Properties -> Library tab) there is a section that displays what the Library & Web client URLs are set to:


However, those fields are not editable. Could anyone please help me figure out where and how those can be changed I saw that there is aset-public-address command which looks like it can be used to solve the issue but I am not sure. Could anyone confirm if using that command will change both of the above URLs


P.S.: Our Spotfire server is a Linux machine

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Hi Georgi,

You have to use the command line interface to make changes in the configuration tool when it is on Linux.

I have a couple of links to our most current and previous versions documentation that should guide you in the right direction:



Kind regards,


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