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When open 3 documents on same page via JavascriptAPI, the third spotfire page are loaded very slow.

Amanda Zhu 2

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Using the code below based on the example, we found that when open 2 document, the loading performance is ok, however when open 3 pages into same html web page, there will always be a third one loaded very slow.

Is there any setting in Spotfire server to add the allowed api connections or maximum documents can open

here is the code used.
















var c_serverUrl = "";

var c_analysisPath = "/Mashup";

var c_parameters = ""; //Optional configuration block

var customization = new spotfire.webPlayer.Customization(); //Optional configuration settings

var app;

var c_reloadAnalysisInstance = false;

var apiVersion = "10.3";


// Customization of UI

customization.showDodPanel = true;

customization.showStatusBar = false;

customization.showToolBar = false;

customization.showPageNavigation = false;

customization.showClose = false;

customization.showAnalysisInfo = true;

customization.showExportFile = true;

customization.showExportVisualization = true;

customization.showUndoRedo = true;

customization.showFilterPanel = true;













function onReadyCallback(response, newApp)


app = newApp;

if(response.status === "OK")


// The application is ready, meaning that the api is loaded and that

// the analysis path is validated for the current session

// (anonymous or logged in user)

console.log("OK received. Opening document to page 0 in element renderAnalysis")

var doc = app.openDocument("P0101",0,customization);

var doc1 = app.openDocument("P0102",1,customization);

var doc2 = app.openDocument("P0103",2,customization);




console.log("Status not OK. " + response.status + ": " + response.message)




function onError(error)


console.log("Error: " + error);



function onCreateLoginElement()


console.log("Creating the login element");

// Optionally create and return a div to host the login button

return null;


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