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HR Dashboard on Spotfire

Hanan Faisal

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I need to create a dashboard for my department that have 4 divistions to traking the employees information. So, I can know easly the manepower movment and thier registration on courses that is mandtory and optional. Also, thier leaves and retirement. The dashboard should be helpful for planning for me and for the managers.

I get the data from SAP system and from other departments.

So, what is the best way to start creating the dashboard on Spotfire forbeginner


Thank you

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Hi - Create data sources to the HR system, Create column elements, create joins, create information links. If needed you can create filters, prompts..

Then you can use that Information link to create visualizations.

You can also create visualizations from data connectors (In this case the above steps are not required)

This is very basic step to get started. You can go through the manualor there are lot of videos and resources in youtube to get you started.



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