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Clients experiencing since the update of v83 in Google Chrome a number of our clients are experiencing issues with their production environment and certain functionality not work

Jane Puleston Jones

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Since the update of v83 in Google Chrome on 31/05/2020 a number of clients have been experiencing issues with theirproduction environmentwith certain functionality not working.


This is due to the iFrame and how this has been implementedin JavascriptVizualisationaddon/plugin that is causinga crash.


Google have removed the ability to by default allow downloads from IFrames



We need the optionsandbox="allow-downloads"in the JSViz Iframes


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Can you try the following and see if it helps,

function renderCore ( sfdata )


allowModals (); ...

}function allowModals ()


for ( const i of parent.document.getElementsByTagName('iframe'))


if (!i.sandbox.supports('allow-modals'))


console.warn("Your browser doesn't support the 'allow-modals' attribute :(");



if (i.sandbox.contains('allow-modals')) continue;

console.info(i, "doesn't allow modals");



console.info(i, 'now allows modals');



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