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why the local copy and server copy do not sync up

Jane Zhang

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I am using Analyst 7.11.1.

In the local copy of a dxp, I applied the same color schemeto several plots and added shapes. They all look the way I intended. When I save the dxp as an library item, and open the web copy, the plots are now using color schemes that are different from each other, and half of the plots are missing the shapes I added. Even if I load the same data to the 2 copies, the web copy shows different behavior from the local copy.

How do I sync up the local and server copy of the dxp

Thank you!


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Hi Jane,


Could you post some screenshots Normally, the syncing is done automatically. But I know if for instance fonts used locally are not installed on the server, you will see different fonts in the webclient.


And maybe this is a similar thing, although a color scheme should be ok I think. With regards to the shape file. Is it embedded in the dashboard


kind regards,



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