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Marcio Souza 2

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Hello Everyone!

Are pages Id the same across users I mean, if the pages Id would remain the same for all users and sessions in a Spotfire analysis. I was reading about Visual Id in the article below and wondering if pages have the same property and how to get them.


Is it possible to use the same approach above to get page Ids




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Hi Marcio,

The pages id starts with 0 for the first one, and then counts onward as the number of pages are added to the dxp. This is true for all users. So if you have one page, the id will be 0 for evryone using the dxp. If you have two pages, the id's will be 0 and 1 (alike for all users). If you want to reference to a specific page in an iron python script, you reference the correct page id and then the script will be executed on that specific page.

Kind regards,


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