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How to load the tables one after another table

Anusha V

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Hi All,

I have a requirement first table A should be loaded after completion of table A then table B should be refreshed, Could please share the iron python script.

am using following iron python script but both tableA and B are refreshing simultaneaously. Please help me.

from System.Collections.Generic import List, Dictionary

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import DataTable

from System.Collections import ArrayList

#Refreshing multiple tables: #Note that more than one table can be added to the List object.

tables = ArrayList()




#As such DataTableCollection.Refresh Method refreshes the given tables in dependency order. #OR


#And DataTableCollection.RefreshAsync Method (IEnumerable< DataTable> ) refreshes the given tables in dependency order. #Tables that have asynchronous refresh (i.e. Data On Demand and Data Functions) and tables that depend on them will be refreshed #in later transactions. # Another possible option:

Tbls = List[DataTable]()



for i in Tbls: Document.Data.Tables.Refresh()




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