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How do I reset a datetime filter using IronPython script

Kai Fu

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In my Spotfire dashboard, I have a datetime filter that applies toone of thedatetime type columns of my date table.

I want to create a button, and when clicking on this button, the starting point of the filter would be set to today's date, and the ending point of the filter would be set to "2 weeks from today". I do have a "reset" button, but this button resets ALL of the filters to default, and I want my new button to only reset the "ProposedStartDate" filter to a customized range of 2 week.

How can I implement this functionality for this "Reset to 2 weeks" button

Thank you! I appreciate for any help!

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Hi Kelvin,

Have a look at these posts. You should be able to use the code and set the filter values to your desired default values when applying the script:




Kind regards,


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