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I have two boxplots showing measured values at different temperatures. How to make ONE boxplot showing the diff between the two

Bashir Saoudi

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I have a table with an index called "HTOL" that has two values 00 and 10. Then I have parameters showing measurement values for HTOL=00 and HTO=10. So the table will have one column for HTOL and multiple columns for the parameter, and many raws to represent the dies. For each parameter I can create two boxplots showing measured values at HTOL=00 & HTOL=10. I want to calculate the difference of the measured values between HTO=00 & HTOL=10 and plot this new value into a boxplot to show the drift betwen HTOL=00 & HTOL=10. How do you do that What is the best way to achieve this Can I just change the table to show for each parameter the difference between the two HTOL values, if so how do you achieve this when you have 100s parameters I have provided below the table I am using and an example of two boxplot for one parameter. Thanks
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