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New data source H2 db for Spotfire

Gustavo PESCADOR 3

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Has anyone here created a new data source to connect Sptfire to a H2 db (as standalone)

I did put the .jar and the template into the server but when trying to create a new h2 data source via the information designer I get the error:


Cannot connect to data source '', due to invalid configuration or that the data source is not running.

Database reported:

Wrong user name or password [28000-197]


Could anyone advice

Spotfire version 10.9



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Before trying the things in Spotfire, I would suggest you create a sample connection to the H2 DB by making use of any third-party tool likehttps://www.dbvis.com/download/11.0and create a sample connection to figure out all the drivers which are required along with a confirmation that you are using the correct username and password for connecting to the database.
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Hello Manoj,Thanks for taking the time to reply and sorry for my late reply.

So managed to create the H2 db wiht dbvis as you suggested but from Spotfire side the issue was that the "password" fiel cannot be left out empty. So I had to create a password to my user (we are still in dev).Another issue that I had, and this was my mistake, is that the db was embedded so I was doing all the ocnfiguration locally rather than in the server. Kind regards,GP 

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