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Only display some data point labels on 3D scatter plot

Luke George

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Hi there,

The page below describes how you can limit the number of labels on a scatterplot by essetially setting the label content to NULL for data points you do not want labelled.


This works fine for scatter plots, but when I try this on a 3D scatterplot, it doesn't work. NULL label contents are still displayed as (Empty). Any idea how I can fix this

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It is because the 3D Plot doesn't have the 'show empty labels" option inside the label but instead of specifying 'NULL" in the expression, you can make use of " "in it.


Expression:case when [store Name]="Marlon Gary" then [store Name]

when [store Name]="Myrna Newman" THEN [store Name]

when [store Name]="Mike Irons" THEN [store Name]

when [store Name]="Wim Fellini" THEN [store Name]


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