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Does anybody know is it is possible to calculate travelling time from a single point to several others

Samuel Mascarenhas

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Can you try to use the GreatCircleDistance() function in Spotfire It is described as below:

Returns the shortest distance between two points, calculated on the surface of a unit sphere.

The arguments are the latitude and longitude of the coordinates (lat1, long1, lat2, long2), expressed in degrees.

Multiply the result with the radius of the sphere to get the desired unit. The radius of the earth is ca. 6371 km (3959 miles). The first two examples gives the distance between two cities expressed in kilometers and the third example gives the distance in miles.


6371*GreatCircleDistance(57.717829, 11.990509, 42.355145, -71.057892)

6371*GreatCircleDistance([Latitude], [Longitude], 42.355145, -71.057892)

3959*GreatCircleDistance(57.717829, 11.990509, 42.355145, -71.057892)

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