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Iron Python Script - Run Stored Procedure then Refresh Table

Peter Finseth 2

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I have Tibco Spotfire 7.6.1 Will be upgraded to 10.3.1 by end of May or early June. I have researched on-line and nothing has solved this issue.

In current 7.6 version I have a script that will execute a SQL Server stored procedure. In this stored procedure TableA is updated with new data. I then want to REFRESH TableA within Spotfire but I can not find a way to do this that can all be done in the press of ONE button..."SAVE". Below is what it looks like:

Script Name: Save




To get around this I have two buttons. (1) SAVE button to make the updates to TableA (which is the 1st line of script above) and (2) REFRESH Button (which is the 2nd line of script above). This is very inefficient requiring SAVE then REFRESH buttons to be hit.

How do I get this to just press SAVE so updates are saved and table is refreshed reflecting those changes

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