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Passing value to HTML table according to date

Mohd faizal Adris

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I have an HTML table in the Text area which containsdate information thatwill change dynamically based on the fiscal week.


What I'm trying to do is to make the tablecontents change its values according tothe date value inside the table header respectively.

I had tried usingcalculated values but it not solve my problem. Any suggestions

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You can use the following expression to get the header (dates for thisweek) as:

#10th May

DateAdd("week",Week(DateTimeNow()) - 1,Dateadd("day",0-DayOfWeek(DATE(Year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)),DATE(year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)))


#11th May

DateAdd("week",Week(DateTimeNow()) - 1,Dateadd("day",1-DayOfWeek(DATE(Year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)),DATE(year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)))


#12th May

DateAdd("week",Week(DateTimeNow()) - 1,Dateadd("day",2-DayOfWeek(DATE(Year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)),DATE(year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)))


#13th May

DateAdd("week",Week(DateTimeNow()) - 1,Dateadd("day",3-DayOfWeek(DATE(Year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)),DATE(year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)))


#And so on..Also, in the column values, you can use calculated values and use case statements to get the required values. For example, to get the Sum value for apple on 11th May, you can use the following expression (Assuming the column name is same in the data table):


When [item]="Apple" and ([Date]=DateAdd("week",Week(DateTimeNow()) - 1,Dateadd("day",1 - DayOfWeek(DATE(Year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)),DATE(year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)))) Then Count([item])


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Hi Shashank,


I had tried to replicate your solution but the calculated values didn't return any result after the following expression being added. Please help to guide me.



WHEN ([Remark]="Material Expire With In 30Days") And ([Expired Date]=DateAdd("week",Week(DateTimeNow()) - 1,Dateadd("day",1 - DayOfWeek(DATE(Year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)),DATE(year(DateTimeNow()),1,1)))) THEN Count([Remark])






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