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Can i use an information link created by a different user for a dashboard as a source for one of the tables in my dashboard If yes then will the data in my dashboard gets refreshed the same time the other one gets refreshed Also how do see how frequent the data is extracted by this information link. Thanks
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You can make use of the information link created by any other user in your dashboard. You need to have browse + access permission on that folder so that you can add the IL in your analysis file.

In Spotfire Analyst, when you open the dashboard then the data will get refreshed and in Web Player as well. Note: If you have access to the information designer, just verify that the IL is using or not the caching option present in the information link last section.

So there is no relationship with other users here, once any user opens it, it will send out the SQL query to the corresponding database and will return the data. You can also check the SQL.log file for further information.

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