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Filter range of dates on marking in second table.

Michiel Boswijk

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I have 2 tables: Table A and Table B.

In both tables I have a date columns, let's call them dateA and dateB.

Now I would like to click a row in table A (so a marking), and then filter a range of datesin Table B.

More specifically, if dateA is for instance 2020-01-30, I want to select from N months (12 in my case) in the past until dateA in dateB/Table B.

So in the example I would select/filter all rows in table B from 2019-01-30 - 2020-01-30.


It did not work using table relations since those are exact matches.

I also tried using 'limit data using expression' in Table B, but I can't access the marked value of Table A in that expression.

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You can refer to this article to retrieve the marking selection from tableAin a document property:


Once it is done, you can do 'limitdata using expression' in tableB by using the same document property:

[Date_column] >= dateadd('mm',-12,Document.Properties["yourDocumentPropertyControl"]) AND


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