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Spotfire Cloud limitations

Steve Piper 2

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Is there a list of features of on-premise Spotfire that are not available in Spotfire Cloud

For example I know Javascript and Iron Python aren't supported but I need to know of any other limitations please

[uPDATED ANSWER: The TIBCO Spotfire Capability Matrix which is available at docs.tibco.com provides a good overview of the differences between different Spotfire options. Note that you need to be logged in with your TIBCO Account to access theTIBCO Spotfire Capability Matrix]


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Thanks for that, quite helpful when trying to decide between versions.


One thing I didn't see mentioned is the ability to "Work Offline".  I know with the on-prem Spotfire server you can do this, but if you have a subscription to Spotfire Cloud, can the client work offline without an internet connection

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Yes, you can work offline with the Cloud version.  When the browser window comes up you can simply minimize or close it, then click on 'Cancel login' to get to the Work Offline button.  Two notes on this:  1.  You must log in one time to initialize your license, and 2. If you've logged in recently Spotfire will remember that, so you will have to explicitly log out before you can actively cancel the login.
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